I offer one on one coaching and mentoring to help those ready to take action towards achieving their language and educational goals.

What is mindfulness-based mindset coaching & mentoring?
Mindfulness-based coaching and mentoring is all about supporting you to achieve your goals in a sustainable way so that you can avoid the pitfall of depletion and burn out. It’s about creating inner peace and restoring your connection to that part of you that understands your purpose.  Many people worry that living their best life, will mean becoming manipulative, ruthless or dishonest. If you’re someone who senses a greater life beckoning but you’re concerned that to achieve your goals you may have to abandon your values, mindfulness-based mindset coaching could relieve you of those concerns because it offers a values-based path founded on integrity.

What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?
Whilst coaches can teach you skills and offer accountability, a mentor offers the value of experience. A coach may have the ability to teach the skills required to achieve a goal but not all coaches have experienced the goal. A mentor brings insight and can share the personal experience of having walked the path ahead of you.

With a combination of qualifications and experience, over the years, I’ve supported musicians, artists, writers, corporate professionals, teachers and students to achieve their objectives. In my own life, I moved from feeling depleted and dissatisfied with life, to feeling more energised and engaged in life. I transitioned from working at jobs I disliked, just to pay the bills to working at something I love; living in my dream environment; transforming my relationships and reaching spiritual fulfilment.

As you take the path towards your objectives and goals, you may need the empathy, skills, expertise and qualifications of someone walking beside you. Rather than feeling lost, floundering and wondering what to do next, you can have the support to help you as you navigate the challenges. If you sense your best life beckoning you forward and would like to know more about getting the support to live a more fulfilled yet principled life, please email me at ksbeducation@gmail.com or telephone 07774268235 for more information.