Running On Empty?

Are you feeling physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted? Perhaps you feel unappreciated, overwhelmed or unable to meet constant demands, as if nothing you do makes a difference. Most of us have occasional days when we feel like this but if you are feeling this way most days, you may be suffering from burnout.

Many of  us are aware that stress is about feeling that we have too many responsibilities, problems or activities however burnout leaves us feeling that we have ‘too little’ in the way of motivation and energy.

Mindfulness-based wellbeing begins with a foundation of self-compassion which can enable self-care ensuring our own reserves are maintained as we give to others.

You can elect individual sessions where I can support you at mutually convenient times, as you take your independent journey or you can choose an eight week programme where I will guide you in a more structured way, providing a foundation for the changes you may need to make, in order to restore yourself. Sessions are offered either via Skype or face to face at:
The Oaksuite
Beacon Medical Centre
Sidmouth EX10 9YA

I offer a non-religious, confidential service. If you would like to know more, please contact me about the benefits of mindfulness for wellbeing at or click here to find out more the eight week programme.