An Introduction to Mindfulness

An eight week course beginning with a foundation of self-compassion, this eight week course will introduce you to the practices and benefits of mindfulness.

Although mindfulness is often described as an ‘Eastern’ tradition, the same practises can be found in western traditions such as the mystic traditions of Christianity, as well as Celtic traditions.

Mindfulness is a particular way of paying attention to things outside of us and inside of us without judgement. Whilst this sounds simplistic, the results are powerful, resulting in a reduction of stress and contributing to improvements in conditions such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, stress, anxiety and pain management.

Week 1 An Overview – What is mindfulness?
Week 2 Compassion
Week 3 Self-compassion – Loving kindness meditation
Week 4 Mindfulness meditation
Week 5 The OARS process
Week 6 Mindful eating
Week 7 Mindful exercise
Week 8 Review and next steps in your journey