Restorative Practices

Karen Scott-Boyd MSc (in progress) PG Cert Mindfulness Studies Bachelor Communications & Cultural Studies.
I’m passionate about social justice and the role of the individual in peacemaking, peacekeeping and peace-building. I’m interested in supporting individuals on the journey it takes to achieve inner peace then seeing that reflected in their outer environment – in short, what I describe as individual restorative practices. I have a particular interest in those in supportive roles like teaching, legal practice, medical practice, social justice and the caring industries who may be most susceptible to compassion fatigue and burnout.

Working in the legal and community education fields was a catalyst for making changes in my own life. My own journey to peace was forged in the ‘perfect imperfection’ of witnessing a lot of drama both personally and professionally which led to compassion fatigue, then deciding I wanted something different. This led to freelance self-employment in the personal and professional education field as a counsellor and mentor.

For me, education, both formal and informal has been transformational. Whilst travelling to distant lands on P&O ships and visiting exotic places, as a child migrant; the seeds were sown in me for travel, cultural studies, peaceful communications and language. As a dual national (British & Australian), working in the multi-cultural environments of both the public and private sectors, I developed these interests further and my interest in formalising my knowledge through a university degree emerged.  In 2013, I qualified my interests with the completion of a Bachelor of Communications & Cultural Studies in Australia. As the final project for my degree, I created an eBook called An Angel In My Purse which raised money to contribute to a micro-finance scheme, so far assisting more than 2,000 entrepreneurs. Next, I completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Mindfulness & Compassion in Scotland, at the University of Aberdeen and am currently completing an MSc in Restorative Practises in Ireland at the University of Ulster.

Alongside my professional and educational journey, I embarked upon a spiritual journey exploring both traditional religions and indigenous traditions. Within religion and Indigenous lore, I found the common thread of mysticism. Claiming no religion, but inspired by Christian Benedictine meditation, Buddhist meditation, Australian Indigenous Lore and Celtic Druid Lore, I took the contemplative path. This journey culminated in a spiritual awakening leading to inner peace which I then began to experience as a reflection in my outer environment. Compassion fatigue led me to mindfulness-based well-being which culminated in me feeling more energised than I had 30 years earlier.

In both my professional and personal relationships, I have supported others in achieving their creative, professional and personal goals. I’ve witnessed the unfolding of artists, writers, musicians, teachers and professionals as they have become confident in expressing their true nature. My aim is to support others in the art of self-care and self-compassion enabling them to experience their soul purpose and achieve their life, education and career goals.

I am a member of the Association for Cultural Studies, the Mindfulness Association UK, The Society For Education & Training (SET) and Society for Intercultural Education, Training And Research( SIETAR ).

‘My greatest joy is seeing people experience wellbeing, succeed in achieving their heart’s desires and live life on their terms.’