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Reflective & Restorative Practices is dedicated to supporting those most susceptible to burnout – those with ‘compassion fatigue’…Your life matters too!

The most compassionate amongst us are often those most at risk of burnout simply because they have not learned the art of self-compassion.

Are you a teacher, legal practitioner, health practitioner or emergency response officer? Are you a parent, guardian or nanny? Are you caring for a friend or relative? If so, you may be expending your physical, emotional and psychological energy.

Self-compassion is perhaps best summed up in the analogy of the oxygen tank on an aeroplane. Flight attendants explain to us the practice of placing our own oxygen masks on, before attempting to help others. Self-compassion is the art of ensuring our own health and wellbeing, whilst offering support to others.

When taken seriously, self-compassion will ensure our own emotional, psychological, physical, material and spiritual needs are met. From this place of health and wellbeing, we are much better placed to support others. Although it sounds counter-intuitive, as we focus on self-compassion, we create the possibility of restoring our connection to one another and the planet.

​We understand that as a busy professional, you may be seeking the information you need for self-care and may not have time for, or access to, professional support. We offer resources, information and links to some of the best minds in the field of personal development and wellbeing. We hope you find the resources helpful and if you would like to contact us please email us at: